Our events feature vendors selling items that cater to the tastes of every Hunter, Fisherman, Boater & Outdoors Enthusiast!

The selection of items consist of (but is not limited to); Guns & Gun Accessories, Archery Gear & Accessories, Hunting Equipment (clothing, gear, supplies), Fishing Equipment & Lures, Knives (hunting/fishing & collectables), Custom Knives forged on premises, Gloves (Hunting/Snowmobiling/Ice Fishing), Adirondack Gifts/Artwork/Furniture/Photography & Collectables, Survival Tools, Marine/Boating Cleaning Products, Trapping Supplies, Outdoor Vehicles (ATV's, Snowmobiles, etc.), Exotic Game Meats & Products, Antique Hunting & Fishing Gear, The NRA, Solar/Alternative Power, Log Cabin Builders, Hunting & Fishing Clubs &Organizations, State Hunting & Fishing Representatives, Museums, Hunting & Fishing Guides, Fishing & Hunting Preserves, Book Authors (all with works pertaining to Hunting & Fishing), and Adirondack Historians & Story Tellers!

Our events do not consist of "fluff vendors" whom we simply collect a rental fee from (irregardless as to whether they offer items/services that cater to Outdoorsmen! I am an "Outdoorsman" and if I do not think a vendor strictly fits the category of "Outdoorsman", I do not allow them to be part of the event! I often times pass up lucrative rental opportunities, but I would rather "give away" the extra space to vendors with the proper mix of products, than to fill up our events with "junk". This is the one thing that sets our events apart from the larger (or what appear to be larger) shows in larger cities.

In addition, we will have many "Featured Guests", "Industry Experts", "Seminars" and "Outdoor Activities" all taking place simultaneously throughout the weekend.

Mike Hauser
Adirondack Outdoorsman Show


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